Photometal combines the highest graphic resolution possible with incredible durability.
That means you get a great looking product that can withstand even the most harsh
environments and chemicals. Because of the balance photo-metal can strike between
form and function, many government and aerospace companies frequently specify that
photo-metal be used on applications where the physical demands will be great.

Photometal is where the highest graphic resolutions and incredible durability meet to
form brilliant looking images that can withstand virtually any environment. The process
can be used for projects as high level as the aerospace and defense industry or as
simple as creating long lasting durable nameplate to identify your products.

A full range of photometal capabilities is offered, including:

  • Thickness ranging from .003" to .063"
  • Three standard finishes: matte or dull, satin or semi-gloss, and dead-soft satin which has the ability to resist curve
  • Manufactured prototypes, short run, long run, engravable, stampable, and weather resistant nameplates for any industry
  • Basic drilling, punching, round cornering, and shearing are done in-house
  • Capability to fabricate any plate to any type of placement you may need