Machining enables the
customer to meet their customized enclosure needs by specifying specially shaped
holes and slots to be cut in any of JIT Components enclosure systems, without tooling.

Machining operations are performed on a state-of-the-art CNC milling machine.
The Machining service enables customers to design their products to standard
housings and enclosures with confidence that switches, connectors, displays, and the
like can be designed to go through the housing surfaces without the costly investment
and delay associated with “cutting metal” for punches or molds. The desired openings
can be defined to any desired shape rapidly. Squares and rectangles can be
accommodated just as easily as circles. With the ability to customize the hole, such
items as key-guides can be part of the hole if desired.

The customer would provide JIT Components with specifications on hole shape and
dimensions along with positioning dimensions. JIT Components would then develop a
CNC program based on this information. This program would then be used to drive a
numerical controlled milling machine to cut the holes.

This Machining service may require a one-time engineering fee to develop any special
fixtures or jigs that are required. There is also a setup charge for each run to cover
putting the fixture in the machine and setting up to cut the part. Finally there is a
charge per piece for each housing or enclosure that is machined.